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30 December, 2011

Job Avenues Scenario, 2012-Dec-2011

 The website conducted a study regarding Job Scene in India, words used in Job posts, and Technical/ Non Technical skills. Here is the analysis 

Ever since we started asking friends to help us in our hiring efforts, we have got into number of discussions around ease or difficulty of getting awesome engineers in a specific city and for specific skills. We went ahead with the only hammer that we have and crawled data from startup job boards and career pages of companies (list). Analysis of the content of these jobs threw out some expected and some unexpected results.
Indian Startup Job Study Infographic
Highlights of the study
  1. Bangalore is the hottest city but it has some strong competition from Mumbai and Delhi. 
  2. Hyderabad lagged behind Pune and Chennai 
  3. PHP is the most popular skill among startups. 
  4. We were surprised to see Java beat out other more popular languages like Python and RoR. 
  5. In other skills, mobile development and sales roles beat out demand for Social media or SEO professionals. 

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